Since 2002, our mission has been to build brand awareness in the most positive, direct and unique methods possible.

Any event, product, service or message.

Urban Visibility

We extend your marketing efforts further than traditional print, TV, radio and online media. Strategic placement of marketing materials get seen by your demographic in any place that they are. This creates touch points in your marketing cycle that were previously unavailable.

Personal Experience

We reach your audience on a level that transcends other marketing methods. The ability to convey your marketing message in person allows for a greater impact. Also giving you the ability to have direct feedback with your campaign, letting you know how your message is perceived.

Social Exposure

We actively seek the influencers in your demographic to create brand evangelists. This form of word of mouth through personal recommendations, online and offline, creates the strongest connections with your brand to spread your message exponentially.

What can we do for you?

Streetworks offers a wide variety of services to accommodate your campaign’s needs.


Strategic placement of your posters ensures urban visibility in places that are sure to be seen.

  • Wild Posting
  • Poster Sniping
  • Wheatpaste Posting


The standard, for every marketing and promotional campaign, for any business, in any industry.

  • Hand to Hand
  • Flyer & Sticker Posting
  • In Store & Point of Sale Drop Off


Temporary to semi-permanent placement. Promotional stencils stand out and get noticed.

  • Spray Chalk
  • Visible Wet / Invisible Dry
  • Sidewalks & Temporary Structures


Awesome pop-up marketing. Can be seen on the sides of buildings, screens and many other stationary objects.

  • Video
  • Slide Show
  • Single Image

Brand Ambassadors

Professional, courteous and energetic. Complete one-on-one interaction with your brand.

  • Product Sampling
  • Promotional Models
  • Booth & Exhibit Hosts

Mobile Billboards

Great for stand out visibility inside and outside crowded events and pedestrian ways.

  • Picket Signs
  • Billboard Trucks
  • Walking Billboards


Streetworks began with founder Jeff Williams managing promotional campaigns and marketing strategy for Insomniac Events from 1999 to 2001. Branding world renown events and festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Wonderland, Together As One and Audiotistic. In 2002, Jeff started Streetworks. A premier guerrilla-style marketing company that has been a staple in Southern California ever since.

Successfully creating and managing marketing campaigns in the most competitive entertainment market in the US has propelled Streetworks to spread throughout the country. Thereby creating a solid network for any local or nationwide brands, and their campaigns, to be seen and heard.